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Turkey-Pakistan creates joint media strategy for geopolitical goals in South Asia alleges report

The Economic Times 26 Feb 2021
The report titled ‘Turkey-Pakistan. Secret Army of Mercenary Journalists’ has claimed that prominent Turkish state news outlets have shifted from recruiting Western journalists and to hire Pakistani origin journalists ... .

The geopolitics of Durand Line and the question of Pakistan-Occupied-Pashtunistan

The Economic Times 26 Feb 2021
The recent controversy between Afghanistan and Pakistan over fencing of the Durand line has to be studied in the foregoing discussion. The Durand line is becoming a major bone of contention between the two countries and going to inflate in future ... .

Biden’s Pick for CIA Director Singles Out China as ‘Biggest Geopolitical Test’

Foreign Policy 24 Feb 2021
Bill Burns, a veteran diplomat, will helm the spy agency in an era of renewed great-power competition ... .

Chinese Regime Is ‘Authoritarian Adversary’ Posing ‘Biggest Geopolitical Test’: Biden CIA Director Nominee

The Epoch Times 24 Feb 2021
President Joe Biden's CIA director nominee William Burns told a Senate Committee on Feb. 24 that the Chinese regime's "adversarial, predatory" leadership poses the "greatest geopolitical test" to the United States.

Biden's CIA Director Pick Sees China as 'Biggest Geopolitical Test,' Priority - Testimony

Urdu Point 24 Feb 2021
"Today's landscape is increasingly complicated and competitive in which an adversarial, predatory Chinese leadership poses our biggest geopolitical test," Burns said in prepared testimony for his confirmation hearing.

It is a race to save lives, not to build geopolitical influence

China Daily 23 Feb 2021
Imagine being trapped in a snowbound town. no electricity, no clean water, and food is running out ... One comment under WSJ's article reads ... That classic verse still resonates today. Lending a helping hand to other nations in need has never come with the aim of building geopolitical influence, but for saving lives, those of others, and also ourselves ... .

Stratfor’s Decade-Old Geopolitical Map Provoking Russian-Turkish Distrust?

GlobalResearch 18 Feb 2021
Some of the geopolitically unaware masses in both societies reacted as though its unexpected viral popularity served as some implied statement of intent by Turkey, with few realizing that it was a deliberately provocative prediction by an American analyst ... Some geopolitically ...

Western countries imposing sanctions on Nord Stream 2 want to make Russia pay for ‘geopolitical ...

Russia Today 17 Feb 2021
The West opposes the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline because it wants Russia to pay for its geopolitical project in Ukraine ... “Why does everything revolve around Nord Stream 2? They want to make Russia pay for their geopolitical project in Ukraine,” he said ... Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!. .

What Pangong means for Asian geopolitics

Hindustan Times 16 Feb 2021
If disengagement leads to a border pact, the deal is prudent. If Beijing uses it as a tactical pause, then New Delhi may regret concessions. PUBLISHED ON FEB 16, 2021 08.16 PM IST. Defence minister Rajnath Singh announced the consensual disengagement of troops by both China and India at the contested Pangong lake in Parliament on February 11.

Balkans: Are geopolitics getting in the way of COVID-19 vaccines?

Deutsche Welle 13 Feb 2021
North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Kosovo have not received doses of vaccines. Regional politics and vaccine nationalism seem more important than public health concerns ... .

Philia Forum put Greece in the center of new transcontinental geopolitical order

Greek City Times 12 Feb 2021
A geopolitically changing event took place on February 11 when Greece hosted the Foreign Ministers of Cyprus, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Iraq, as well as the Minister of State for International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates ... Emphasis on Greece’s geopolitical ...